What it's like to be a Big Handsome Men and date with slim chicks?

BHM date slim woman

Big Handsome Guys are mostly called like this because calling them fat or chubby would be rather a part of discrimination. Like most of other slim and sporty type of men, chubby ones are into falling in love and willing to meet up with most attractive chicks in the hood.

The fact, that extra kilogrammes might be a big border to get in touch with good looking ladies, some Big Handsome Guys need to try and do their best (even better than slim guys) to show off their presence and get a chance to know the thin and slim girl.

It's safe to say that some chubby men are really successful when it comes to hanging out and spending time with attractive ladies, however what is it like? What can be the main reason for this?

BHM who are dating with slim girls needs to be prepared for a waterfall of critics from others slim people and jealously from another chubby guy. Society tends to criticise and say wrongly about something which is not common, like fat dating someone slim. This is not an obvious pattern of relationship and some people might not accept this. From another hand, another chubby guy will be in a big desperation to steal slim girlfriend or try to break the relationship apart, despite being jealous.

Big Handsome Guy who is hanging out with a slim and attractive girl is more likely to start thinking about his way of live, proper eating habits and sports activities. Since his partner is sporty and healthy, he might follow her desires and become slim as well. For sure this is great motivation for all chubby guys, who are willing to lose some extra kilogrammes.

Fat guys dating with slim girls are trying to show to society that no matter how you look like, there's still a chance for you to get into serious and long lasting relationship with someone who is attractive enough. Such relationship pattern will change society's point of view for sure in the near future, since more and more fat people are hanging out with slim partners. All BHG who are dating slim girls are brave and trying to show some deep meaning of love to the world. We do "high-five" for this!

All big guys who mingle with slim girls have huge self-confidence and they do not care what others might think about their relationship. For sure this is a good thing, however all chubby gentleman's need to keep in mind that being to confidence is not good either. It's nice to find a proper balance between it.

Some slim chicks are just naturally attracted to fat guys, so those guys can consider themselves as lucky ones. There's nothing more beautiful than finding true love in the proper time without any specific ways like using online dating sites or match-matching agencies. We do wish all the best for not only Big Handsome Guys but BBW as well! Love is around the corner, and you never know when it's going to catch you!


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