Benefits of dating a chubby man

Chubby guys cuddle better

Dating a chubby man might be fun and exciting experiment you never had before. It said that guys who are slightly obese have great sense of humor and ability to make friends easily. Yes, bigger is better and we will tell you why!

·Chubby body means this guy is feeling comfortable and happy. Chubby guys are happy and enjoying life well, to the fullest. Those good spirits are never ending even when it comes to marriage. Scientists say that happily married people are more likely to gain weight, than sad, depressed couples. So who doesn’t want to be chubby now?

·They're more understanding to your own weight gain. Dating a chubby man is great if you gain weight on your own. He won’t judge you, since he is struggling with own extra kilograms. You can both decide to start diet together and get a more healthy life without forcing each other and judgment. How comfortable it is!

·How comfortable he is to snuggle with. There’s nothing more comfy than getting wrapped by a huge and comfy arms just like a pillow. You never know how warm he is until you try to hug him. Since then he will be your best cuddling option ever.

·They're better lovers. Size doesn’t matter when it comes to sex. Obese people can have sexual pleasure as well and even experience it a bit more than slim partners. Chubby guys have more of the female sex hormone estradiol in their bodies, which slows down their orgasms. It means if you want a long all night ride, go get a chubby man to your bed.

·He is understandable of your eating habits… and snacks. A chubby guy will never judge your eating style and love to unhealthy snacks (if you have any). Instead of forcing you to stop, he might join as well and introduce best of best food.

·He is a great cooker. Talking about food a bit more, let’s assume that chubby guys have better cooking skills than slim and athletic ones. All in all he had to develop his stomach size, so tasty, home cooked meal is definitely as an explanation for this.

·He can understand your complains about clothes. What’s the biggest horror for chubby people? Buying clothes of course. Not only it’s hard to find something comfortable but it’s hard to find something stylish too. That’s the reason why most of slightly obese guys have no sense of fashion at all. However if you have a problem while shopping sprees and come home empty-handed, he will understand your frustration.

·He doesn’t care about your weight. Chubby guys are more interested and concentrated at sense of humor than waist size. They are true with feelings and not afraid to show them. You can be sure that a guy with extra kilograms will be better and more reliable match than a skinny and muscular one.

We do think that dating with a chubby guy has some positive sides. The only matter here is self-acceptation. If a guy can’t be happy with the way he looks like, he can’t share love with another person. We give thumbs up for every chubby guy out there who is trying to find love!


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