Best blogs about being plus size and plus size dating

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Blogging is on of best way to express feelings and thought over the Internet. It becomes popular over 10 years ago and now a number of blogs raise for even few thousands of new ones every day. Even though heavier people can certainly face difficulties in blogging and sharing an opinion, some of them are not afraid to speak up about being plus size. Here’s a list of best blogs to read if you are into BBW dating field.

1.Plus-Size Princess
Blog owner Cece is a Nigerian girl living her life in NYC. Her weekly entries are not only about ups and downs for BBW but it’s full of fashion and inspirational posts. She claims that “We can live amazing lives at any size” and her blog is full of proving for this statement. Cece has a YouTube channel and Instagram as well. Don’t forget to check it out at

2.Big Curvy Love
Big Curvy Love is a blog owned by Kelly Glover, a plus size woman living in LA. She is sexy and she knows her price. Her motivational entries on a blog make all BBW ladies worth it. She is giving tips not only for fashion and beauty but how to find a perfect guy as well. Visit her blog at

3.Daily Venus Diva
Daily Venus Diva is a blog with a huge interactive community of plus size girls. This blog considers a mix of fashion, beauty and daily news to all BBWs out there. It’s a great site for every girl (not only plus size one) who is looking for inspirations for daily life. To check it out go to www.

4.Confessions of a Fat Girl
This blog owner is a plus size girl living in Los Angeles, who started her blogging career before blogging become a trend. With a positive attitude, she is talking about all that jazz and how to deal with life as a part of BBW community. Recently she is talking about politics as well. Go to for more details.

5.Fat Girl Dating a Skinny Guy
In very humor and bit sarcastic way, this blog owner is spreading her ups and downs as a fat girl dating skinny guys. Her site explores and explains how love conquers any such barriers. Her blog becomes popular with celebrities as well so it’s definitely worth to check at

6.The Big and the Beautiful
Plus size doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy life, find a great partner and have lots of hobbies. This blog is a proof of all those statements. From fashion to fancy restaurants, for sure you will find what you are looking for. Check it out at

7.Large and Lovely
Large and Lovely is the last proposal on our list. It’s a community for plus size people looking for a date and love and connects people since 1997. It’s not only a dating site but a web full of useful information about BBW dating, online security, and dating advice. To join Large and Lovely visit


Top 5 BBW Dating Sites