Why BHM are not feeling comfy with this "nickname"?


BHM or rather Big Handsome Men are slightly obese guys who are a part of BBW community. Some of them are proud to be bigger since it's all because of their muscles and regular exercises. However, some of the guys are called as BHM because of overweight and health issues. Those are the cases when guys do not like to be called like this and do not feel comfortable. What are the other reasons that Big Handsome Men are not into this nickname?

1.They are ashamed
Most guys dream of being slim, attractive and sexy. BHM are not the exception! Most of bigger guys are ashamed to be called as big and handsome because the word BIG do not match here. They don’t feel comfortable with this word because it seems like BIG means FAT to them. However, in some cases, BIG can mean MASCULINE. Many bodybuilders are big and huge themselves but never consider as fat. Does it mean sense now?

2.They deny being fat.
The moment to realize that you are fat and it’s time to work out hard is crucial while changing body shape and get into the healthier lifestyle. Most of the BHM deny that they are fat just because they are too lazy to start fighting for a better life quality. Calling them as Big will only rise up a red flag and aggressive behavior, which is better to avoid.

3.They don’t want to be part of BBW community.
Apart from denying being fat, they don’t want to be associated with all BBW community. If they will claim to be part of BBW society, automatically they will agree to be called as fat, which obviously they are trying to avoid. They have no idea that being a part of BBW community is like having an own place in the world, and what's more, you can get new friends and connections easily. Being BHM is not a bad thing.

4.They feel like finding a partner is impossible.
After being called as Fat, lots of guys think that finding the perfect match and a girl to date and marry is like a mission impossible. But, there’s a light in the tunnel since even slim and sexy girls sometimes are more into dating big guys. Especially girls who are looking a “bodyguard style boyfriend” or “bear style boyfriend” are likely to hang out with bigger guys.

5.They are against superstitions.
There is a bunch of superstitions about BHM, which are obviously not true. All fat guys are trying to fight against it, that’s why they don’t want to be called as Big and Handsome to remove superstition feelings. It seems like guys’ brains are more complicated that girls and boys like to be drama queens sometimes as well.

Calling guys as Big and Handsome would be totally okay if we would remove the word BIG. However, not all guys are same and some of them are proud to be called like this. It all depends on physical condition and ability to accept the truth or not.


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