Confidence boosters for overweight daters

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Feeling sexy & love might come in different sizes for sure, and there’s nothing bad about being in love while overweight! Almost 50% of Americans are dealing with extra kilogrammes but it won’t stop them in search of love & a good time.

If you have problems with confidence and self-love, you won’t be successful in finding a partner and everlasting happiness.

Four your better mood & satisfaction from curves, we prepared a couple of confidence boosters for overweight daters!

1.Practice self-acceptance
Love yourself and fully accept how your body looks like is a crucial key to happiness! Of course not all people will like you, but this is totally normal, since you’re not attracted to all people around you, right? Every time when you see a reflection in the mirror, be sure to praise yourself by words “ I am pretty no matter what they say”.

For thousands of years, women of all shapes and sizes were honoured as embodying the divine feminine in the world.

2.Don’t assume that others see you as unattractive
We all make assumptions about what other people find attractive, but often, those assumptions needlessly limit us, are not true and only ruin good vibes around us. Get to know the best of your features, experience in wearing different clothes and hanging out with various people.

3.Be honest while posting online
There’s nothing more wrong than pretending to be someone else just to catch attention. While the temptation to post online pictures from thinner times is a strong one, experts agree it's better to fight the urge. Be sure to post recently and best-looking pictures online, so neither you and ur date will be disappointed while meeting on real.

4.Dress properly for dating success
All successful woman dress nicely, so do you! Being dressed in something that's comfortable and that makes you feel good shows in your body posture, your walk, and in your eyes — all of which are things that engage others in a positive way and spread nice vibes around you. We live in a very visual world that can quickly judge someone by the way of look.

5.Keep in mind that you might be rejected
Being rejected is a natural process while making friends or searching for love. Be sure to fully understand and agree on that. Of course, being rejected is not a nice thing however it’s a part of dating!

Date more, hurt less! Being rejected is easier to endure when there are dates waiting in a queue.

6.Learn how to point & show off the positives
Experts agree that focusing on your best assets is one way to take the attention off your weight. Even if you're new to the body acceptance game, there's probably some part of you that you like. Maybe it's your eyes, or your hands, or sense of humour. Accentuate that part with makeup, clothing & accessory! Make it visible to others.


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