Fat fetish, is it good or is it dangerous?

fat fetish women and men

Everyone has some fetish and something which turn this person on. Especially, when it’s something unusual or illegal. People have passions and hobbies, however, some of them might have a bad effect not only on the person who is interested in particular thing but also on people around. One of such example is a fat fetish. It’s a fetish when a guy is likely to date and feed a BBW and make her more and more fat for his sexual satisfaction. Sometimes fat fetish might refer to plus size ladies who are into getting fatter in order to feel sexier and attractive to them self, however, this case is very rare.

Fat fetish is not a new “disease” however, it becomes more and more popular when fast-food companies and sweet factories begin to grow up fast. Due to the higher possibility of being feed by unhealthy food, feeders are more likely to find victims and turn their lives into hell.

Choosing victim is a complicated process and it needs time and effort to make special, close relationships between feeder and BBW. In most of the cases, victims are ladies with are already very obese, with no friends and no perfectives for being slim. Such person needs lots of love and attention before of feeling alone, so when a feeder come into her way and show her “true” feeling and affection she is falling into him in a matter of a week and then agree to do everything he wants.

Fat fetish leads to death and serious health complicated of a victim. BBW forced by her lover is eating way too many calories per day and without any physical activity sooner or later she becomes a person who cannot stand up without a help. In most of the cases, feeders’ relationship ends up here, since he achieves what he wanted- make another person unable to do the basic routine. Most of the feeders call it quit as trying to find another victim, only a few of them stays with their ladies till the end, however, do not help in order to lose weight. In other words: Have a relationship with a feeder leads to DEATH.

Another type of fat fetish is when a BBW who is already slightly obese is trying to become more and fatter in order to feel better about her body and be more attractive (in her eyes) to guys. Sometimes this behavior leads to finding a feeder. It’s a surprise, but some BBWs are willing to find a feeder and be under his commands. Some BBWs are telling that being fat is cool, trendy and sexy. They promote obese as an awesome lifestyle which is connected with many sexual partners and high life quality. But is it really that great? Can you be happy if you are obese and lying to yourself?

Both ways about fat fetish lead to obese and serious health problems. However, there’s still a chance to help plus size lady by offering psychological help and consultation. Not only she might be able to lose weight but also stop thinking about becoming fatter just to turn on guys. Instead of the feeder, she might be able to find a serious, normal guy for a commitment.
Definitely, fat fetish is something we shall get rid of from the community.


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