How to make things to work out while being chubby?

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Our culture has an obsession with weight control. People are being criticised all over for gaining weight, being “fat” and out of healthy control.

Dating, hanging out, all social life and even finding work might be harder for people who wears XL clothes label.

If you feel like being chubby is not a good deal for you, why don’t u try to love yourself at first and then try to change habits & lifestyle?

  1. Cultivate positivity

Do not hang out with people who are making feel you bad, do not accept your body and make fat-related jokes. It’s time to finish any toxic friendships. Find a good playmate who loves you the way you are and don't lower yourself or settle because you think your options are limited!

They are NO limited at all!

  1. Don’t hate!

Don't be the girl that quite clearly hates her body and makes fun of others because of it. Don’t be a person who is mean and angry at everyone just because cannot accept how your body looks like. Kill people with kindness! All in all character & lifestyle is what matters here, beauty comes second.

  1. Don’t call others as “FAT”

You might be fat, and have a rights to call yourself like this, however no one gave you permission to call others with same words! This only will build up negativity and make you think you are rude, desperate and non-worth to hang out with. By claiming it and wielding it as such, you'll disarm people who use the word as an insult.

  1. You are not obligated to be defined by anything & anybody

If you want to identify as a fat girl, cool. If you don't, that’s cool too! You have rights to choose how you want to be seen in other’s eyes and do not be afraid to show it off! Do you think about how awesome you are? What’s your biggest attitude, for example big eyes or talent for singing? If you want to be labelled as “fat” go ahead, but that has to be only YOURS decision!
It's your responsibility to yourself to bust myths about fat and weight loss, and to become educated on the truth and reality of these subjects.

  1. Don't expect to feel awesome all the time

Everybody has ups and downs and you are not the only one who shall struggle with them. You won’t feel awesome all the time, you might have bad days when the size of the body will have a huge effect on actions.  You might have days when you regret to eat too many sweets and have days when you get to see attractive side of yours!

  1. Get to know your fat

It might sound ridiculous but seriously go naked and touch it! Play with it. Look at it until it becomes completely unremarkable. Write your measurements down & control them.


All in all, fat is a part of your body. Accept it!

It's important to feel comfortable with yourself and about your body, no matter what size it is. Because you are the queen/ king of your life! If you are exercising and eating healthy, taking care of yourself and just feel great in XL size,  you don't necessarily need to be obsessing about weight loss. Try to feel good about who you are, and the weight loss and healthier lifestyle may come naturally.



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