Why Do Black Men Like BBWs?

black men dating plus size white women

Is it just your imagination or does your body seem to attract lots of black men? What’s going on here? If you’ve noticed this chubby-chasing phenomenon then maybe you’re curious as to whether or not there’s a biological reason to explain all this.

Is it Body Shape?
Not exactly. There is of course, the theory that black men appreciate a big woman’s curves, as their bodies are more compatible with large penises than a skinny woman’s. However, this is not scientifically true. Since the vagina is a flexible and elastic-like organ, most women can take a large penis assuming the man is slightly above average-7-10 inches.

What about the idea that men love larger breasts and butts? True, many men prefer the natural feel of large and bouncy curves and they are a bit non-existent on skinny women. Even if a skinny woman gets implants they never actually feel the same as naturally plump skin. Of course, not all black men are attracted to BBWs so this is a bit of a generalization with no proof in science.

Is it Personality?
This is another tricky area because not all BBWs have similar personalities due to their body shape. While it may be statistically true to say that BBWs are generally friendlier than skinny women, it is quite possible than many BBWs are unfriendly just the same.

There’s no proof that BBWs are “easy” just because of their body shape. However, if a woman is not popular with men, and suddenly gets a lot of romantic attention from a new man, it is likely she will want to please him. Of course, there’s no way that black men can know this without asking. Usually it’s just a process of discovery and seeing if there is any chemistry in the new friendship.

Naturally, if a woman has low self-esteem, she will want to please her man more so than a woman who takes the relationship for granted. However, many BBWs are self-confident. Black BBWs oftentimes have a big beautiful shape and the high confidence level associated with their race—and this makes them attractive to many white and black men alike.

Besides, self-confidence is usually what brings about more sex, not low self-esteem. A confident woman can be sexual and doesn’t have the fear associated with self-doubt. She just enjoys the moment and gives it her all.

But Here’s Why Black Men Really Like White Women…
And now here’s the secret. Black men like big white women because many of them have high levels of confidence and they don’t care about society’s silly standards about finding “trophy wives.” These alpha males just want to meet women and they like the bodies they see and the personalities they meet. They don’t care about people trying to shame them or make fun of them. They have high self-confidence and just want to have fun.

And whites, Asians, Latinos and others could take a lesson from them. When a man gives a big beautiful woman a chance, rather than dismissing her outright because of social conditioning, he may be missing out on a very passionate affair…or even the love of a lifetime!


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