Do’s and Don’ts when Dating with Plus Size Women

6 Dos 5 Donts when BBW dating

Love is not judgmental and love is not after the appearance but on the feelings you have for someone. Since many of us have few misconceptions about outside looks, we don’t know that those unattractive people might be really amazing deep inside. Those fat individuals are those people who are happy to be with while those short person or lack in height might be the person that can give you the love that you want the most.

Are you one of those men who are interested with BBW (Big Beautiful Women) and ask for a date but end up with a mess? Are you tired of BBW dating and end up to rejection? Or hate being ignored by them because of the not working strategies during dates? Do you want to know how to catch their attention in your first meeting? Here are some tips on how to date Big Beautiful Women.

The Do’s

1. Make her feel that she is beautiful even though she is plus sized – during your date, make her feel that she is beautiful by stating some complement like” you’re so lovely tonight”, “you look great”.

2. Look to her eyes when you are talking to her to show that you are sincere – When you are talking to her, look to her eyes because it symbolizes sincerity, and she will feel that you are interested to her.

3. Be Gentleman – Be gentleman enough like a true man do, because every woman whether fat or not are searching for someone who is gentleman and nice man.

4. Respect her– show some respect because every women wants to be respected. Always be guided with this line, “respect begets respect”.

5. Enjoy her companionship – make her feel that you enjoy her companionship. Say something that makes her feel you are not bored. Because they say most BBW are person who are happy to be with.

6. Drive her Home – accompany her when going home after the date, make sure she will get home safe.

The Don’ts

1. Don’t make her feel embarrassed – Don’t make her feel embarrassed by asking some questions like, “What is your weight?”, “what is your waistline size?” etc. Asking these questions will make her feel irritated.

2. Don’t make her feel you are bored – start a conversation, don’t make her feel that you are not interested with her. Listen to her stories just like hers, listening to your own stories.

3. Don’t judge her for her outside appearance – Don’t be judgmental especially to her appearance because even you have your aspersion too.

4. Don’t mind the amount of food she is eating – don’t be mindful on the amount of food she ate because it will make her feel embarrassed and be the reason of losing her appetite. And remember you are the one who ask for a date.

5. Don’t end your date without saying something about your date– after the date make sure you will tell her how do you feel about your date.

There are many ways on how you will act when you are dating with Big Beautiful Women. You can find many ways on how you can catch their attention and make her fall in love with you. Ways that will not lead you anymore to rejection. But most of all, you should be man enough.

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