Plus size women dating — Avoid These 5 Types of Men

Fat women and her boyfriends

Are you a big beautiful woman? There are many online BBW dating sites where you can meet men who are interested in the real you. You may want to have a bit of fun, or you may want to meet your forever partner. Either way, dating can be stressful, and it can certainly be more challenging when others are more fixated on your weight than you are. Since you already know you’re awesome, you’ll need a few tips on how to choose the best men on these sites.

For plus size women dating, you’ll want to avoid these 5 types of men, so you can truly find the best man for you.

1. Men who are just looking for sex. These types of men will tend to ask sexual types of questions, or be focussed on your appearance. If you’re messaging them through the online dating system, it can be a red flag when they’re not interested in your hobbies, interests, or what your personality is really like.

2. Men looking for money. These types of men on BBW dating sites will immediately want to find out if you have a job, what it is, and what kind of car you drive. They may even go so far as to ask how much your yearly salary is. But when you question what they do for a living, they’ll give you the runaround.

3. Men just looking for fun. You’ve put a lot of thought into getting back into dating again, and you’re serious about it. What you don’t need are men who are merely in it for the fun. You don’t want to become attached to a man, only to have him dump you for the next woman. Ask detailed questions about his online dating history. 20 dates over a year may be average, but 50 dates in one month can be a red flag.

4. Men who are fraudsters. These are the men who’ll collect your personal data while you’re not looking. They’ll rifle through your personal belongings trying to find bank statements, checkbooks, and more, so they can sell the information to criminals. These types of men are often charming, and give an appearance of perfection. They may ask super personal questions online about your address, phone number, mother’s maiden name, or birthplace.

5. Men who are abusive. It doesn’t matter if it’s verbal, mental, or physical, you want to avoid them. This type of man is often quite charming and extremely well-organized, and thinks women “need looking after”. When you chat with them online, they’ll ignore your questions, and want to direct the conversation. They’ll disregard your suggestions for dates, and want to plan the date down to the minute. They’ll easily become defensive, and will become demanding when you don’t return their messages. They may denigrate other people, including past girlfriends, or other dates on the site. They may ask you a question more than once, as they didn’t pay attention to the answer the first time round.

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