"Fatkini" fashion. What does it stand for?

fatkini fashion

Summer is coming and so does summer and beach fashion! Plus size girls can enjoy summer heat as well wearing great stuff and be fashionable. How, you may ask?

Have you ever heard of term “Fatkini”? If not then you are in the right spot on the Internet. It’s time to explain what does it stands for, who is “Fatkini girl” and how it became popular!

What is Fatkini?
Fatkini is a blend of words “fat” and “bikini” which literally means a swimsuit fashion for plus size girls.

Clothes industry is not concentrated on curvy and XL Girls, which sadly has an effect on summer/ beach fashion as well until one day when a USA blogger Gabi Gregg (popular plus size model and “Insta girl”) made it a thing!

A couple of years ago, she posted a blog in which she coined the term ‘fatkini’, and she makes plus-size swimwear look hot and then it become a trend! That blog post became so popular that Gabi was asked to design a collection (sizes 16-24) for plus-size swimwear label swimsuits for all which is popular till now!

Even it supposed to have a positive meaning and show that plus size girls can feel sexy in a swimsuit as well, it does have some negativity into it.

"Fatkini" is still a loaded or even offensive term to some women, especially those ones who are not that “fat” or those ones who have a mental problem with self-love and acceptions. For other ladies out there, term “Fatkini” is either friendly or neutral.

What “Fatkini” means for society?
“Fatkini” means a freedom of wearing & choice for all curvy ladies. You don’t need to be a very slim girl to wear a bikini and look sexy in it! Plus size models across the world are showing that Fatkini is a real thing! Plus-size women always have been ignored, shamed and pushed aside by the fashion industry. Curvy girls should be able to wear whatever they want and be able to buy the exact same styles that more slender people can!

There's a lot of emphases right now on how plus size fashion is making XL clothes a lot way sexy & attractive to actual buyers and viewers. Of course, while many chubby women are thrilled and excited to have better options for clothes, there's also some frustration and negativity from people, that Fatkini only promotes an unhealthy lifestyle. This statement is proved by words “if you don't have a "bikini" body you shouldn't wear a bikini”.

Some people thought that Fatkini is just a trend which will disappear faster than it appeared, however it seems like a bikini for fat girls is a pretty popular till now. If you go to Instagram and search by a fatkini tag you will get a thousand of results. What’s more popular BBW models like Tess Holliday are sharing their selfies on the swimming pool and beach with no shame!

In conclusion, opinions about Fatkini been different and will be different since there’s always someone against it. As far as Fatkini trend makes a plus size ladies more comfortable with their bodies, there’s nothing wrong about it…


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