Reasons men aren't responding to your emails on a BBW dating site

No replies from men

You'd read that a lot of men are interested in dating a plus sized woman. So, you join a specialist BBW dating site hoping to connect with some amazing men that admire chubby women. However, to your disappointment, you're in a familiar space – receiving no replies. Is this because of your figure? Absolutely not! Here are a few ‘real’ reasons men aren't replying to your email messages.

·Your guy is a mess: He has been chatting with for over a month and the suddenly goes missing? This means that he hasn’t figured out what he has been looking for. Instead of conveying his feelings, he chooses to avoid you. Rather that texting him continuously, it would be better to give him some time to figure out what his desires are.

·You're stuck on old school messaging tactics: This is the most common reasons why men aren't responding to your emails. Regardless of how chubby and cute you are, if the message that you’ve sent resembles messages sent by 4 other women, he would certainly ignore you. It is important that you stand out from the crowd. Send a witty and flirty message with a catchy subject to grab his attention.

·A stereotypic profile: Women generally love shopping, teddy bears, muscular men, chocolates and the color pink. These are a few things that men already know about women. When you mention that same stuff in the profile, how would you be different from others? Try including something about your hobbies, achievements, love for any sport, or a gig you recently did. This would undoubtedly make your profile more appealing.

·Your picture: Does your profile picture have a group of girls posing at the beach? If yes, then you're never going to get a response from a guy. Out of six women in the group, how do you expect the guy to identify you? This is the most common mistake that women make on dating sites. Having the right picture in the best setting would boost your prospects of finding a genuine partner that admires BBWs.

·U Txt Lyk Dis: Your message tells about lot about you. While looks are certainly important to a man, matching his intellectual level would give you an edge over others. When your email contains shortened English words, it would reflect how smart you are. On the other hand, don’t stuff your conversational starter with acronyms as that would give an impression that the guy is out of your league.

Time to pull up your socks!

Grabbing the attention of a man on a BBW dating site is not very easy. Moreover, you should always be prepared for the worst – rejections. Nevertheless, if your approach to online dating has any of the aforementioned problems, it’s time to pull up your socks and make necessary changes.

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