5 Reasons why men should consider dating a plus sized woman

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A lot of people from across the globe are fascinated about dating a plus sized woman. While some are amazed by their humble nature others love the ‘foodie’ aspect. As every person has different preferences in life, a lot of men prefer dating skinny women or those having an athletic figure. Although there is nothing wrong about that, considering a plus sized woman while you're looking for a partner would certainly increase your options.

Here are 5 reasons you should date a BBW:

1.Plus sized women are known to be very humble and caring. Having faced a lot of criticism regarding their size and shape, they have learnt to become humble. Too much of rejection, hatred and neglect from peers and colleagues makes them treat others with respect and dignity. Moreover, as they know there is always someone who looks better than them, they don’t make any comparisons. So, you'd never have to answer the question – “Do I look fat in this dress?”

2.BBWs are proud of how they look. Despite being rebuked by others around them, she hasn’t changed her lifestyle. If you're looking to have a partner who has a strong willpower, a BBW is exactly what you need in your life. Over the years, they’ve made themselves immune to inferiority complex. If you can shower her with affection the way she is, she’s yours forever.

3.Unlike skinny chicks that often indulge in self – praise, BBWs are great listeners and would pay heed to what you have to say. Let’s accept it; we all have a plus sized friend who we discuss all our problems with and we all wonder how they understand us so well and come up with such amazing solutions every single time.

4.Most BBWs know how to carry themselves. Despite being a little larger than others, they have a great aesthetic sense when it comes to dressing. Whilst a petite lady wouldn’t spend a great deal of time finding the right dress, a plus sized woman would have to spend some time coming up with solutions on the kind of dress that she has to wear according to the event. You'd have noticed BBWs are a lot more creative when it comes to dressing compared to their counterparts.

5.She would certainly remind you of that teddy bear you'd hold while sleeping. As an adult you'd find her curves extremely sexy. It goes without saying that they have plenty to love and hold which is certainly great and gives you the opportunity to be a little creative in the bedroom.

The above mentioned reasons are enough to show how amazing it would be to date a plus sized woman. Remember, while looks would fade away over the years, it is the inner personality that would stay forever and dating a BBW would ensure your relationship has the spark alive after several decades.

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